Shari'a Banking

Faith and Finance

An Innovative Shari’a Compliant Banking Solution that allows you to offer your customers products and services based on the Shari’a law.

Shari'a Compliant.

Layer’s Sharia compliant banking platform enables Islamic banks to reduce cost, enhance their offerings and increase brand loyalty by delivering a more personalised level of service.

Platform features

Launch beautiful Shari’ah compliant consumer products with Layer.

A perfect blend of Shari’ah compliant and neobank capabilities. All on a single platform that works seamlessly across any device.


Shari’ah compliant contract products: Murabaha, Musharaka, Takaful financing.

Deposit account

Standard deposit and transaction account that supports a wide range of services.

Savings account

Earn profit with a high level of configuration with our savings accounts.


Send and receive payments easily at a touch of a button.

Debit cards

A variety of debit card options with contactless payments.

Virtual cards

Offer single-use cards to your customers when shopping online for extra safety.

Credit cards

Fully configurable credit cards with built-in rewards.

FX accounts

Allow your customers to pay like a local and get favourable exchange rates.

Savings goals

Set up savings goals and rules and track progress along the way.


Offer secure and convenient storage of customer data in a digital wallet.


Money management with spending analytics and insights.


Gameify typical elements of banking to encourage customer engagement.

More than just banking.

Our platform enables you to offer a wide-range of innovative features and products turning your simple banking app into a Layer super app.


Money management with spending analytics and insights.


Gameify typical elements of banking to encourage customer engagement.


Reward your customers with deals and offers from local merchants.

Wealth Mgmt.

Empower your customers to reach their financial goals faster with our Wealth Management module.


More than just banking. Integrate any 3rd party service to allow your customers run their lives their Super App.


Easily support your customers on any channel with the Layer Chatbot.

Augmented Reality.

Bring your financial world to life with Layer’s Augmented Reality.


Banking on the go. Deliver all your banking services on any device.


Innovation Studio.

The Layer Innovation Studio allows you to easily create any user experience you want without the need for any dev work.

Unique user experiences

Granular user segmentation.

Layer Customer Segmentation is based on customer data within the Layer Data Warehouse. Customer data points such as demographic information or financial behaviour, enable Layer clients to define and create customer segments within the Layer Console.


Layer marketplace.

The Layer Marketplace allows you to easily integrate with innovators and market-leaders to extend your digital bank on our platform.

Customer Reviews

Delivering success

We are proud to work with Layer to launch our new suite of digital banking services in support of our continuous efforts to meet the growing digital needs of our customers will place us at the forefront of the banking digitalization wave and thrive in a digital era.

Mr. Hamad Abdulla Al Oqab

Mr. Hamad Abdulla Al Oqab

CEO – Al Baraka Islamic Bank

No more restrictions

A platform that allows bankers to be creative again.

As a trusted partner for banks around the world, Layer’s banking platform helps financial services companies reduce cost, compete with new challengers and above all…innovate. 

Reduce cost

Reduce cost

Dramatically reduce Opex across your entire organisation.

Become digital

Become digital

We digitise the entire banking stack to allow you become purely digital.



Build amazing products using our Experience Studio module.

Our platform supports over 25 million customers globally in 5 languages.

layer clients

Transform your bank without touching the core.

Schedule a 30 minute call and we’ll show you how.

The open banking engagement platform for innovative digital financial institutions and brands.