Digitalisation without disruption.

The Layer digital banking platform delivers true digital transformation without replacing core systems.

Our mission is to deliver change in the world through the use of modern innovative technology.

Roy Zakka

Roy Zakka

Founder & CEO

Adaptable and Resilient.

Layer provides a platform that brings together existing systems and data to enable any business to create new digital experiences at ease, all in one place.

Our platform sits on top of a business’s current infrastructure to accelerate and de-risk the journey to full digital transformation.

Over time we replace the ageing systems with our own modules or modules from our Marketplace partners.

Simply put, we replace complexity and lethargy with simplicity and speed.

The Layer Platform

Banking as a Service.

Our platform unifies data, functionality and channels allowing you to run operations easier and more efficiently than ever before, all from one unified platform.

Layer banking Stack
How we do it

Deployment options.

We have proven services to guide you expertly through a safe and successful implementation whatever route you choose.

01. SaaS

Run your banking service from the cloud with Layer SaaS where our expert managed services provide full mission-critical service delivery, leaving you to focus on your customers.

02. On-prem

For businesses who operate in highly-regulated jurisdictions, our on-premise solution gives you complete control over the platform. Our on-prem solution is upgraded on an agreed cadence with our clients.

Platform benefits

Why Layer?

Layer is a digital-first banking platform using modern technology to make banking simpler, smarter and faster.


Our proprietary platform implementation is 50% faster* than competitors giving us the ability to digitally transform a bank in under 6 months.

Low cost

Our technology is 100% proprietary and highly automated with no vendor dependency allowing us to deliver our solution for at least 40% less* than our competitors.


By not replacing the core systems, we dramatically reduce the risk associated with digital transformation projects.


Our easy-to-use customisable workflow tool allows our clients to create unique experiences for any segment in any jurisdiction without the need for development resources.


Built using the best technology and UX principles, our platform delivers best-in-class user experiences for both bank staff and customers.

Plug n’ play

The platform is built on microservices architecture allowing our clients to pick and choose the services they need and then test them in our sandbox environment.


Our platform is infinitely extensible through our partner marketplace allowing banks to pick and choose new innovative products to launch in weeks not months or years.

360 view

Understand your customers with a complete single customer view (SCV) of all their activities across every device.

Total control

Our platform unifies data and functionality allowing the bank to run operations easier and more efficiently than ever before, all from one unified platform.

Easy integrations

API first platform.

An advanced API-first platform that enables an integrated, comprehensive and seamless customer and employee experience across all touchpoints.

Test before you launch

Innovation playground.

Quickly develop and launch innovative products using our easy-to-use sandbox environment.

Set and forget

Automation by design.

The Layer platform is built to reduce the amount of manual tasks needed. Our automation and synchronised processes significantly reduce the need for manual intervention.

Leverage your data

Machine Learning
and AI.

Leverage data through our embedded AI and machine learning module at scale. Offering banks predictive analytics enables them to develop new classification and predictive models. This includes customer attrition, next best offer, transaction categorisation, fraud detection, credit risk, charge-off detection and personalised products and services.

Our platform supports over 25 million customers globally in 5 languages.

layer clients

Transform your bank without touching the core.

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